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Structured Products.
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ThinkFinance offers a wide range of risk analysis and portfolio optimization
functions. The instructions are set out in two documents - the application
manual and the financial instrument library.
ThinkFinance Portfolio Manager User Manual

ThinkFinance Portfolio Manager is a Java-based finance tool that can be
downloaded for free.

The instructions for the Portfolio Manager are set out in two chapters - the user
manual, explaining in detail all features of the software, and the financial instrument
library, detailing all financial instruments supported by ThinkFinance, including all
instrument attributes and the way to use them in Portfolio Manager.
Download the
manual in English
Download the
manual in German
CHAPTER 1: Portfolio Manager

The first chapter of the manual can be downloaded as pdf-file in English or German
and contains the following sections, describing in detail the portfolio prototyping, risk
analysis, portfolio optimization as well as market analysis functions of ThinkFinance
Portfolio Manager:
1.   Introduction
2.   Portfolio Manager Main Window
3.   Trade Manager
4.   Portfolio Builder
5.   Structured Products Factory
6.   Risk Manager
7.   Portfolio Benchmarker
8    Backtester
9.   Portfolio Optimizer  
10. Market Browser
11. Chart Analyst
12. ETF Navigator
13. Symbols and pricing
CHAPTER 2: Financial Instrument Library

The second chapter describes the financial instrument librar and is structured
as follows:
14. Introduction
    - Explaining in general data input and output attributes
15. Equity
    - Detailing all available Equity instruments and the input of relevant parameters
16. Fixed-Income
    - Detailing all available Fixed-Income instruments and the input of relevant
17. Foreign-Exchange
    - Detailing all available Foreign-Exchange instruments and the input of relevant
18. Commodities
    - Detailing all available Commodities instruments and relevant input parameters
19. References
    - Literature used for the implementation of pricing formulas for derivative instruments